Some thoughts from a teacher in the early stages of her career. Inspired by all the great edubloggers out there!

It’s ‘just the job’

So so so true and expressed so clearly

How do you solve a problem like 8X3?

Look around your English department. There are probably around ten people in it, right? Maybe slightly more or less, but let’s take that as an average. Day in, day out, they plan lessons and they input data and they prepare for exam classes, and you’d think that they’re basically okay.

Except for that one guy. He’s the one who looks visibly exhausted. Who talks about it in the staffroom, ashen-faced. Who gets to Friday and looks drained, and who always seems to be there until 7pm each night (and who you suspect probably works when he gets home too). He’s not going to last. He’s not got what it takes. He’ll be out in the next year, either by capability procedures or by his own means. That’s the reality of the job, isn’t it?

Only it’s not. Look again at that department – at your colleagues who express a frazzled…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! I wish I had more solutions to offer – my hope is that post Michaela and Doug Lemov we might start adapting some more sustainable policies, but I think we’re a while off that yet…

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