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Students, Schools and Signature Pedagogies


As well as a classroom teacher, I am an NQT and student mentor. Each term I attend meetings for these roles and, as requested, I note down the dates by which my student/NQTs observations need to take place, when their progress reports are due, how long our weekly meetings are supposed to be and whether or not I’m entitled to request non-contact time. These are necessary meetings, which explain the procedural requirements of the student teachers’ year. But I leave them dissatisfied, wondering when the second half is going to take place – the part where we discuss how we actually turn these baby-stepping students into the multi-tasking marathon runners they need to become.

For a profession necessarily obsessed by learning, we are strangely sloppy when it comes to our own. Where are the signature pedagogies which shape our on-the-ground, in-the-moment teaching of teachers? If we concur that good teachers…

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