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PE and Sport – A week in the headlines


PE and Sport has been under the spotlight this week and has been making headlines.

Sport England launched its THIS GIRL CAN campaign, to help persuade more women to adopt lifelong sporting habits. Through their research they have identified that less women participate in sport and physical activity than men, but a significant amount would want to get involved, but don’t due to a number of key issues.  My initial thoughts of the advert were positive. Something that made being active and playing sport look good, no matter what size and shape your body. A campaign that potentially doesn’t shame or exclude women, but empowers them. I thought it tackles some of the key issues which prevent women from taking part in sport; body image, self confidence, sport being a man dominated environment and clothes and equipment. However some critics of the campaign, make an excellent point, that once again it’s about…

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Hopemongering For Year 5

Very thoughtful…

jonny walker teaching

Nousheen WorkNo teacher is madly keen about going ‘on record’ to declare that they wish to bring misery into pupils lives. Today, I did. In the unit we put together on Global Citizenship for my Year 5 Class, I have very self-consciously wanted to bring the realities of the modern world to the children. What I have found so far is something powerful.

Hopemongering. It is a term I have taken from the writings of Herbert Kohl and it is central to my teaching of ‘the big questions’. To be a Hopemonger as a teacher is to ensure that even in the darkest of times, you indicate the potential for things to get better. Part of me thinks that children should be protected from the woe of the world –  the seemingly immovable forces that as adults we have come to see as unalterable reminders of the grimness of existence –…

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My New Favorite Word – Teach Like a Champion

As usual a simple yet really effective idea!

The Echo Chamber

My new favorite word is ‘pause’- especially when it’s used in place of the word ‘stop.’  We’ve been discussing this a lot lately at our workshops- in a lot of different settings.

Consider, for example, a ‘rally-killer,’ a student who hogs the stage at exactly the wrong time: you ask for a piece of evidence that Jonas’ perspective is changing and he begins a long-winded and meandering rehearsal of everything he knows about the novel.  Meanwhile you’ve got a lesson to cover.  Honestly, you can’t let him go on forever. But saying, “Stop” is just a bit harsh, especially when the idea is to discuss your thinking, after all.  It’s a misdemeanor and a well-meaning one at that.  Saying, “Pause,” possibly followed by “I like your thinking but I want to let some other folks join in” or “but I really want to focus on the evidence for how Jonas…

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