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Dissection of a school visit – (2) The execution

Really interesting ideas… I wonder if it would translate to primary?


In my last post about my recent school visit I explained what I learnt to make it more effective. It’s easily been one of the best things I’ve done for my own professional development. Having a focus on what I want to improve, seeing another school doing it, speaking to people about it and watching it in practice was very informative and motivating. For it to be really effective I need review it, and potentially change our practice.

The school I visited had the same issues we do with competitive sport about a decade ago. Since then they have currently 62% of 1200 pupils represent their school in a sport. They have had National success in a number of sports and have been responsible for producing internationals. You can tell sport and academics go hand in hand within the school, from listening to the children talk, the teachers interact with…

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Mrs P Teach: The Challenge of Challenge

The Echo Chamber

High expectations vs glass ceilings.  Challenge for all vs differentiation and inclusion.  Ensuring all children are challenged in your cla…

Mrs P Teach: The Challenge of Challenge

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Are you MAD?! – Using An Assessment Idea by @Mroberts90Matt


Teacher Voice

I mentioned this idea for marking in my last post of NQT Resolutions as a tool to help me keep on top of the amount of marking a teacher has to do. At the time of posting I had been given permission to try it out by my Headteacher (something I felt I had to do as an NQT) and actually marked a couple of sets of books using the technique. However, it had not yet been put in front of the biggest critics (the kids) and I had not yet seen if it would benefit them. Since then I have found great success with it and even a mention in my first NQT Observation done by my Headteacher – please read on if you want to save literally hours of time a week!

How are you getting feedback across to your children? How are you getting feedback across to your children?

The Idea

I would start straight away…

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