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Promoting pupils’ personal responsibility – one idea

Something that we are starting in our school this year, it’s good to read an experience from others

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I am not a huge fan of student voice. It’s not that I think there are no benefits, and I’ve seen a large number of case studies that claim to have used student voice to transformative effects – especially in the personalised learning era of a few years ago. It’s more that I see tremendous opportunity cost in student voice and its offshoots that give pupils increased responsibility for things that really should be decided or carried out by adults. At its extreme, this results in pupils observing and feeding back to teachers, or deciding the curriculum, or teaching themselves with no input from the teacher. 

This idea isn’t far away from student voice but I recommend it from my experience so far.

In December 2013 I visited Greenwich Free School, which serves an incredibly deprived estate between Woolwich and Eltham. It only had Years…

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Cut your own cloth…

Very wise words!

teaching personally

I am returning to the vexed topic of teachers’ workloads. Sam Burton’s article in The Independent prompted many follow-up comments today from teachers who were experiencing similar burnout, and some who had already departed the profession. I know many more who would also echo the same experiences of vast working hours, management pressure and personal guilt.

One writer emphasised how much more balanced things are at the overseas international school where he now works. My acquaintance over eight years with our Swiss partner school have shown the same thing: teaching does not have to be a macho exercise in production-efficiency. It does not have to chew people up and spit them out. It does not have to be pain above pleasure, all-or-nothing stakes, constant rounds of exhaustion, anxiety and disillusion.

It is just that it has become that in the materialist, cost-of-everything-value-of-nothing, dog-eat-dog country that is modern Britain. The root of…

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