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Starter For 10…

Some good ideas here….

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Teacher

So… here we are.  I have decided to take the plunge into blogging.  I hope this goes well!

The sun glistened in the sky on a bright Sunday morning during the summer holidays and while I was getting dressed to take my lad to rugby I had an inescapable urge to find some interesting things for my class to do when they bounce through the door of my classroom.  I already have a bank of activities that work well for me, but I wanted to see what others do, partly so I could compare and think ‘Oh, I do that too!” and feel happy in the fact that others do the same, but more to see what I can do to improve my own practice.  I took to twitter.  All year I have been developing my PLN (Personal Learning Network to those – like me – who didn’t know!) and…

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Key Objectives Assessment Grids

Excellent resources as always @ramblingsofateacher

Ramblings of a Teacher

Just as term ended, Tim Clarke (@tim_jumpclarke) sent me an excel spreadsheet he had created to record assessment against the key objectives for Maths and Writing and Reading.

mathskosheetAfter a few emails and a bit of tweaking, we’re releasing what will hopefully be a useful tool for schools choosing to use the Key Objectives approach. For each subject there is a spreadsheet covering all year groups (although it would, of course, be possible to combine sheets from different files to put, say all the Y5 pages into one document).

For each subject and year group, there is a list of objectives and a grid into which the numbers 1, 2 or 3 can be entered (representing, say ‘Working Towards’, ‘Achieved’ and ‘Exceeded’, or whatever such terminology as you choose to use). The cells change colour, and importantly the summary at the foot of the column does too, to represent…

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Star Jar!

Loved this idea! Reblogged

The Echo Chamber

After seeing all of the Friday celebrations on #PedagooFriday I was inspired to have a special celebration for my students and decided to have a ‘Jar of Gratitude’, catchy isn’t it.  So after a quick name change and a little thinking about the practicalities it works like this…

Star Jar – During lessons throughout the Summer term each time I was pleased or impressed with a learner or group of learners I made a note and placed it into a large jar to be shared at the end of the term.  The main reason for doing this was as a celebration at the end of the term, but it also has a positive effect on reinforcing the behaviours/attitudes/efforts of learners.

Star Jar!

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New OFSTED Orthodoxies – Poleaxed by Pupil Premium Part 2

This is just ridiculous stuff! But sadly completely believable…..starting to question my career choices. Re blogged from icing on the cake.

The Echo Chamber

In part 1 of this article, I explored the origins of the Pupil Premium and criticisms of the policy. In part 2, I’ll show how pressure groups have influenced Ofsted, and how Ofsted has used the Pupil Premium to put unreasonable pressure on schools, entrenching the difficulties of those schools which serve the disadvantaged.

New OFSTED Orthodoxies – Poleaxed by Pupil Premium Part 2

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Tour de Town

I personally prefer teaching in sets but just recently I have been leaning towards mixed ability and this article definitely gave me some more food for thought….

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I don’t often pick Sam up from school in the afternoons.  Actually, that’s not strictly true, I do it most of the time, what I mean is, I don’t often fetch him on my bike.  More often than not, when I meet him from school, I am festooned with other, younger children or I’m in a hurry to meet said younger children and I, rather to my shame, choose to travel via the car, squeezing the bike into the boot for the journey home.

Last Monday, however, I decided against the internal combustion engine.  The sun was shining, I felt the need for a bit of exercise, so I saddled up my trusty steed and pedalled up the road.  Of course, it is at this point that I should point out the main reason for my riding reluctance.  While Sam has been riding for some years, he has never been…

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A New No Opt Out Insight and the Advent of TLaC 3.0 – Teach Like a Champion

The Echo Chamber

I should start this post with apologies for my long hiatus from blogging.  After finishing the new book manuscript, I developed a keen case of, if not writer’s block then at least writer’s break… but I feel like I’m getting over it. –

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A New No Opt Out Insight and the Advent of TLaC 3.0 – Teach Like a Champion

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